FN Acustico Hexago

A real eye-catcher

The hexagonal shape of these reverberation-reducing elements provides scope for an almost infinite number of possibilities for arranging the elements in relation to each other on the wall and thus for an individual design of the room. Numerous decors and colours of the surfaces additionally expand the possibility of individualisation by combining different decors on the wall.


The product is made of approx. 9 mm thick polyester felt, the components of which have a share of up to 60% recycled fibres, such as PET bottles, polyester industrial waste, etc., but nevertheless always pure polyester, also called PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Recycled polyester consumes approx. 59% less energy than "fresh" polyester, therefore has a better environmental balance. The beautiful look is created with MDF slats, which in turn are covered with decorative foils or real wood veneers. The slats are stapled or glued to the felt.


The hexagonal elements are simply stuck to the wall with mounting adhesive in the arrangement that suits personal design preferences. Double-sided adhesive tape is only recommended to a limited extent, as fibres can come loose on the back of FN HEXAGO, limiting adhesion.

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FN Acustico Hexago