Competence in decor diversity

With the addition of digital printing, unlimited possibilities of different decors are available to match almost any floor.Ideal for adapting to any common floor. Whether laminate, parquet, LVT or other floors, encased in the right material, our profile mouldings offer versatile design options. An extensive selection of numerous materials allows for optimal adaptation to almost any floor surface.

The surface material is applied to the base material by means of hot-melt adhesive. Special decors are of course possible on request. Deviations in colour and grain can occur. Depending on the backing material, there are different standard lengths.
Digital printing directly onto the moulding, with suitable carrier materials such as plastic, aluminium or solid wood, or applied to the moulding via the carrier medium of paper in small batch sizes and with short throughput times, opens up new possibilities.

Digital direct print

Whether photographs/scans, company logos, PVC, linoleum, carpet, fantasy decors created in graphics programmes, etc. - everything is possible and is printed in razor-sharp definition.

Digitally printed foil or veneer

Melamine/urea resin-impregnated decorative paper made of noble cellulose, which complies with emission class E1, is used for the covering. A water-thinnable SH lacquer with infrared curing is used as the top coat.


Sanded real wood veneer is used, which is available in over 100 types of wood. In addition, we offer very high-quality veneers that are characterised by colours incorporated into the pores, such as silver, gold, white, etc.


Thanks to a new process, highly abrasion-resistant surfaces (AC3 - AC5) can now also be produced on veneers and in different degrees of gloss.

Highly abrasion resistant veneer

Plastic filmAs an alternative to decorative paper or corundum film, plastic film is characterised by its elasticity and good resistance to surface influences. In addition, this film can also be digitally printed and thus offers unimagined possibilities in surface design.

Plastic film

White lacquer, in the colour RAL 9010 or RAL 9016 directly on previously primed and sanded spruce, pine or MDF, this is the new trend in interior design.

White lacquer

All designs of structured surfaces (including wallpaper) can now also be transferred to the mouldings. This guarantees a perfect finish.

Textured film

For heavy-duty applications, it is recommended to use real laminate with overlay. This is more resistant than corundum foil.


For floor profiles subject to higher stresses, a new technology offers the possibility of producing decorative foil with abrasion resistance up to AC5. This guarantees the same decor as the skirting board.

Highly abrasion resistant film

Corundum foil is a special paper foil painted with corundum-containing paint. For use on floor profiles for identical colour matching with the skirting board and optimum adaptation to the floor.

Corundum foil

This thinly rolled aluminium sheathing foil is ideal for achieving a stainless steel-like appearance. It is available in the colours gold and silver and gives a noble, brushed impression.

Aluminium foil

Surface treatment of aluminium profiles, as corrosion protection and for optical design (e.g. gold, silver, bronze).


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