Four versions - many advantages

The white mouldings are available in many different shapes and designs

The ideal geometry here tends to be higher mouldings, sometimes with a somewhat baroque shape. Whether thick, thin, large, small, straight or curved mouldings, modern or conservative, as skirting boards, cladding, ceiling or door frame mouldings - all white mouldings have one thing in common, the high-quality, paintable surface.
  • >>> White lacquered pine: L-skirting

  • >>> Beech white lacquered: S-skirtings

  • >>> Abachi white lacquered: S-skirtings

  • >>> Spruce/pine white thick foil: SU skirtings

  • >>> MDF white direct lacquered: L-skirtings

  • >>> MDF primed white: FU skirtings

  • >>> MDF white lacquered: FU skirtings

  • >>> MDF with white paintable foil: FU skirtings

FN Neuhofer-Weiße panorama

Many variations of white

Since there are very different requirements for skirting boards, whether for reasons of cultural history, taste or country-specific reasons, we offer many different options for the white lacquered surface. There are variants that can be painted over, others that already offer a finished surface, but also others where the back is also provided with filler and/or primer, e.g. in order to be able to stick the skirting better to the wall or to have better protection against moisture behind the skirting.
  • >>> Variant 11: RAL9010* paintable

  • >>> Variant 01: RAL9010* paintable

  • >>> Variante 03: RAL9016*

  • >>> Variante 12: RAL9016*

  • >>> Variante 08: RAL9016*