FN ACUSTICO Thermowood

Perfect for outdoor areas

FN ACUSTICO Thermowood combines high weather resistance and natural durability. The thermally treated slats made of knotty spruce or pine resist fungi and insects and impress with minimal swelling and shrinkage behaviour, even under extreme weather conditions. Ideal for a long-lasting aesthetic exterior design.


- Base material: PET fibre board
- Weather-resistant slats: Thermowood spruce/pine

Base material:

Made of PET fibres with up to 60% recycled content (recycled PET bottles)

Sound insulation:

Reduces sound by up to 25%
Weighted sound absorption coefficient: αw = 0.25 tested according to EN ISO 354 and EN ISO 11654. With a substructure of approx. 10 cm, the sound insulation increases to 60%: αw = 0.60


Fn Neuhofer-Waterproof-Dekore