Our guidelines regarding the production and distribution of mouldings, innovative moulding accessories, shopfitting systems as well as trade and production of wood-based materials for floors, walls and ceilings comply with the high quality requirements of ISO 9001. The successful extension of the certification after a strict auditing process in 2017 confirms our conviction that only an uncompromising management system can guarantee top quality.

ISO 9001

Our company has been certified according to ISO 14001 since 2004, and in June 2016 the certificate was successfully renewed after a strict auditing process. This standard stands for the minimisation of environmental impacts on soil, water and air and for a continuous improvement process with annual reviews/audits. The certification guarantees publicly recognised environmental standards, certifies active avoidance of environmental pollution and the deep anchoring of environmental protection in the corporate philosophy.

ISO 14001

The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international umbrella organisation for the promotion of environmentally sound, socially acceptable and economically viable forest management. To this end, principles and criteria for sustainable forestry and timber management have been established. Certified companies are attested that they manage their forests according to the ecological, social and economic criteria laid down by the FSC® or process or sell wood or wood products from certified forests.

FSC® for sustainable business

PEFC for ecological qualityLabelling with the PEFC quality seal (Pan-European Timber Certification Initiative) gives consumers the opportunity to make a conscious decision when buying products from responsible forestry. The seal of quality guarantees that the forests from which the certified wood originates are managed in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner in accordance with PEFC standards.

PEFC for ecological quality

The MMFA provides a common umbrella for all existing and future multilayer products that have not yet found a home in the existing associations, such as EPLF, FEP or FEB. It offers an international platform for the exchange of opinions and experiences of manufacturers of multi-layer modular flooring and their supplier industries. The focus is on research, development and standardisation as well as international trade fair participation. Active press and public relations work supports the work.


represents the leading manufacturers of engineered wood flooring in Europe. It is the main trade association representing the European parquet industry and its interests.The main objective of the association is to strengthen and improve the position of wood flooring products compared to other flooring products.


sees itself as an international platform for the exchange of opinions and experience among manufacturers of laminate flooring and their supplier industries. The association's work focuses on research, development and standardisation, international trade fair participation, the evaluation of statistical data and active press and public relations work.


Membership refers to a commitment to 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. This is our statement on sustainability.

UN Global Compact

Products marked with this label have successfully passed a test for ingredients and emissions that pose a health risk.


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