FN Ancient Wood

Boards and beamsVarious applications

Wood is valuable - that is why wood that has already been used is reprocessed while retaining its natural properties and characteristics and is given new life as waste wood. Carefully, disused buildings are dismantled and individual wooden elements are made available for new uses. Thus, notches, weathering influences and other characteristics are preserved.

No raw material is more important worldwide than wood in terms of mass and volume. Without further deforestation, new living ambience with a high feel-good factor is created. Individual living elements are created: Wall coverings or floors, from rustic to modern, create a special atmosphere.


  • Ecological and sustainableIndividual and unique numerous application possibilities
  • Prepared and at the same time natural
  • Various application possibilities: Tables, chairs, shelves, wall elements, floors
  • Modern rustic flair
  • Chamber-dried, protection against shrinkage and rot.


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