FN Corner Hit

Printed and unprinted

The plastic inner and outer corners solve the problem of mitre cutting at corners. The printed, wood-patterned plastic pieces are available in many colours and are simply pressed between the ends of the mouldings cut at right angles.

The end pieces provide a clean finish to the mouldings, completely concealing the backing material of the moulding at the end. The spacers ensure a clean connection of the mouldings.

For mouldings:

SU005L, FU014L, SU018L, FU018L, FU018H, SU006L, FU019L, FU051L, FU062L, SU060L, FU060L, KU004L, KU050, KU051L, KU014L.

Product advantages

  • No mitre cut
  • Clean ends
  • Easy to assemble for children
  • Available in almost all types of wood.

Unprinted corners

FN neuhofer-Ecken-übersicht

Printed corners

FN neuhofer-Ecken-BEDRUCKT-übersicht


FN neuhofer-Ecken-Zwischenstück