FN nailofix CH28

Screwable nail.

For mounting, the clip is turned into the wall like a screw. Depending on the masonry, the enclosed anchor can be used. The screw head has a PZ2 cross recess and is designed as a countersunk head so that it does not protrude from the wall. There are then only two fine nails on the outside, onto which the skirting board is pushed or tapped with a hammer and a mallet in between.

The mounting height of the clip is not bound to any grooves in the skirting board and can be freely selected within the skirting board height. This makes mounting mouldings with this clip child's play - only the pointed nails do not make the clip a child's toy.


  • One clip for all mouldings (shape and material).
  • No dependence on predefined mounting heights.
  • Easy to mount with a screwdriver or cordless screwdriver.
  • Multiple mounting and dismounting of mouldings and clip possible.
  • Patent pending.


FN Nailofix CH28-Panorama