FN Cli-fix23 with sealing lip

Also for damp rooms

Products have to become easier and easier to clean. No thought should be wasted on whether or not I can wipe the floor with a damp cloth, will this damage the skirting board, what effects will this have - for all those who find themselves in this statement, we now have a solution: a fastening rail for skirting boards with an attached sealing lip.

This means that any FN skirting can be attached and the sealing lip ensures that, on the one hand, no moisture can penetrate into the expansion joint and, on the other hand, that the MDF skirting is protected at the bottom edge. Two birds with one stone.


  • Fixing rail with attached sealing lip.
  • 15mm width for narrow mouldings, 20mm width for wide mouldings.
  • The rail prevents cables laid behind the moulding from slipping into the expansion joint.
  • Protects the expansion joint from moisture.
  • Protects the moulding from moisture from below.