State-of-the-art digital printing

Digital décor printing at a high level - in many areas this is already standard. At FN Neuhofer, however, it means that, as always, we offer more than standard. For example, we have created a unique solution in the moulding industry that allows us, and thus also our customers, far-reaching flexibility with the highest quality. The system is directly linked to the subsequent processing steps, so that the process efficiency is optimal.

  • High print resolution, HD printing possible
  • Stone decors are printable
  • Unidecors printable according to Pantonecolours
  • Very high print quality
  • Quick sampling
  • Final lacquering: matt or high glossQuick sampling

Digital direct printing on:
PP film
PE film
PVC film
PET film
BOPP film
Aluminium foil

Highly abrasion resistant surfaces

Stable and colourfast

Thanks to the innovative technology of digital printing, skirting boards and floor profiles can now be produced with absolutely the same decor as the floor. It makes no difference whether we are talking about paper foil decors for laminate floors or digitally printed alternative materials for parquet floors. Everything is feasible, opening up unimagined possibilities in the field of modern interior design.The decorative foil with FN pro-tect+ coating, specially developed for floor profiles, offers a highly abrasion-resistant surface in use classes from 22 to 31. These highly abrasion-resistant decorative foils can be sheathed on both HDF and aluminium floor profiles.
The result is impressive. The same print can be used to produce decorative paper for a wide variety of applications, such as skirting boards, floor profiles, corner rods and door frame mouldings, using various surface coatings: Skirting boards, floor profiles, corner sticks, door frame mouldings. And all this with the same decor as the floor.

Absolutely Decorative

- Highly abrasion-resistant surface of abrasion class AC2-4- No yellowing of the surface- Waterproof and weather-resistant surface- Extremely flexible surface, no limits to profile shapes- In combination with digital printing, very simple and fast sampling process- Absolute decor uniformity with floor and skirting board, as the same decor paper serves as the basis and only the surface coating differs- The coating is PVC-, VOC- and formaldehyde-free

Highly abrasion resistant surfaces

FN digiprint

Sampling process

From the floor to the profile

The sampling process is well thought out. We scan the decor of the floor provided by the customer. This scan is then processed on the PC on calibrated screens so that the original and the file are as congruent as possible.

A test print is then made and the result is compared with the original again in different lighting situations. If everything fits, the customer is invited to approve it. If it doesn't fit yet, corrections are made until it does.


  • High-resolution state-of-the-art scanner in house.
  • Decoration sampling with photo shipping.
  • Uncomplicated and flexible.


  • High-resolution Scan
  • Digitization of the decor
  • Digital preparation of the decor
  • Printing on the roll with up to 1260 dpi
  • Curing of the ink with UV light