The tile skirting

Highest functionality

Why not try something new and instead of the usual tile base, which is always too short, difficult to cut and laborious to grout, try a skirting board with a tile-look foil that matches the tile floor decor? The skirting board can also be divided, shortened, combined in many ways and is also waterproof.

Product advantages:

  • Waterproof
  • Possibility of height adjustment
  • No tile adhesive on the wall
  • Simple to use with assembly adhesive
  • No grouting

Variant 2:
Half - HalfSimply cut through the foil on the visible side along the prefabricated groove with a cutter, score the skirting board on the reverse side also along the V-groove and break the rest. This way you can quickly make two mouldings out of one.

Variant 3-4:
one third - two thirdsOr you can cut off the lower part of the moulding in the way described above and use it as a quarter moulding, or use only the moulding shortened by 13 mm - or combine the two mouldings.

FN tile-fix Montage
FN Tilefix-Panorama