FN roomy

An all-rounder

For assembly, the beams are inserted as uprights into the beam shoes, whereby the upper shoe is provided with springs and a pressure plate and the upright is thus spread between the floor and the ceiling. This means that no screws are needed to install the uprights and no floors or ceilings are damaged.The boards are then used as infill, either with screwable angle connectors or by means of a clip-on plug-in system. The corresponding accessories are then simply plugged onto the clamps.The surface of the beams and boards is available raw or painted. Nordic spruce or pine is used as the base material.

Product advantages:

  • No drilling of floors and walls - Screwless clamping.
  • Numerous accessories for individual room design.
  • Can be used as a room divider, as a system shelf or as a decorative design element in the room.

V1: Basic elements, such as beams, boards, shoes and connectors.

V2: Shelves, accessories, can be mounted screwless via clamps on the beam

V3: Accessory extension, removable and can be attached to the wall...


FN Tilefix-Panorama