Sealing lips for profiles


As the number of LVT floors and vinyl coverings is increasing on the market the topic of skirting humidity protection is also moving into focus.

These floorings, if they are made of pure plastic, are often wet mopped and the skirting board, if it is made of wood, needs to survive this while also preventing water penetrating into the expansion joints behind and below the skirting boards and floor profiles.

Skirting boards and floor profiles are fitted with sealing lips for this purpose. These sealing lips are transparent and so soft and flexible that they press well onto the floor and also level any uneven areas. They are used to hold back the moisture and protect the joints.

Another effect is the reduction of sound transmission from the floor via the skirting board and into the wall. And from there to the neighbouring room.

 Product advantages:

  • Sealing lips protect the expansion joints from moisture
  • Reduction of sound transmission from the floor via the skirting board into the wall
  • Adhesive sealing lips for all FN skirting boards
  • Plastic profiles, coated with the same decoration as the floor, with clip-on sealing lips
  • Plastic floor profile, coated in the same decoration, with sealing lips
  • Registered for patent approval



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