FN skirting connector


Unfortunately, it is not possible to produce continuous skirting boards. Actually, it is feasible, but they are then no longer transportable, from our factory to the retailer, nor from the retailer to your home.

A practical maximum length of approx. 2.4 m has therefore emerged. Since most rooms are longer or wider than 2.4 m, it will always be necessary to somehow piece together their skirting. It is however possible to use a skirting connector to ensure that the points at which they join, so-called butt joints, are as elegant as possible. When assembling the skirting board, this is simply inserted into the existing clip groove, thus producing a more or less endless skirting board.

This is an issue which is increasingly relevant in an era of increasing online sales, where shorter skirting in shipping-optimised lengths is often required.

Product advantages:

  • Simple skirting connector to prevent misalignments at the skirting butt joint.
  • The clip groove in each FN skirting board is used as the mounting for the connector.
  • Removable at any time.