FN Clipholder CH23

For optimum grip

Clipholder CH23 is the perfect solution where practical and innovative attachment of profiles is required.

The special skirting clip can be screwed on, glued to the wall with standard PUR adhesives, or tacked in place with a nail gun. Then all you need to do is click the profile in place - it can be easily removed again, if needed. The unique interlocking system used here also prevents lifting of the profile.

This system is best suited to walls that are not fully straight, allowing an optimum fit against uneven masonry.

Product advantages:

  • Unique interlocking technique prevents profile from lifting
  • Clip for clip-on skirting for a quick, clean, and invisible installation of profiles
  • Multiple installation and dismantling possible
  • Due to slot hole, clip adjustable in height during installation
  • Optimal hold due to corrugation on clip
  • Perfect adaptation for profile widths <18 mm / 11/16 inch due to breakable flap
  • Possibility to adapt even to irregular brick work
  • Package shows indication for height of drill hole
  • Patent pending
Assembling with Push & Snap system


With glueing or stapling you save the points 1-3.