FN lock-on stair profiles

System with connections

This new profile is a system which has a fixed connection to the flooring and yet is able to move with the floor when it is being worked on.
FN lock-on is installed with the aid of an underrail, which is permanently joined to the subfloor by a screw in an oblong hole. Flooring and profile are protected against humidity by means of additional bonding on both parts. FN lock-on aluminium flooring profiles can be used as transition- and stair profiles.

This FN product also guarantees satisfaction of your customers due to its simple installation and perfect appearance.

FN lock-on stair profile

The profile is joined directly to the floor. Thismeans that those irritating variations in height between the profile and the floor are a thing of the past. The main benefit of this product is that, when combined with a height adapter, a single profile can handle floor thicknesses of 7 - 24.5 mm / 9/32 - 31/32".

Product advantages:

  • Just one profile for floor thicknesses of 7 - 24.5 mm / 9/32 - 31/32" Height adjustment is performed by using a height adapter.
  • Movement of the floor is still allowed for thanks to the elongated-hole screw fixing.
  • No more risk of tripping thanks to an almost transition-free profile shape obtained by connecting the profile directly to the floor.
  • Available in anodised aluminium or with veneer or laminate coated in a wide range of décor finishes, to match all standard floor finishes.
  • Generates additional sales thanks to the sales-boosting and user-friendly set pack (16 stair edgings for a full staircase) • Standard lengths: 120 cm / 3,94ft. and 240 cm / 7,9ft.