FN digi-direct: Impressively direct!

Digital direct printing

Why keep taking detours when you go the direct route?

We forgot the paper and digitally print any decor to match the floor or even fantasy decorations directly, without detours over a paper or veneer that has to be glued back to the base material, on boards and floor profiles. We are also flexible in material. Plastics, aluminium and solid wood can all be printed on.

At the same time, a new workflow is created allowing the smallest batch sizes to be produced in the shortest possible lead times. The flexibility also refers to the profile lengths. The continuous production of the plastic base even allows individualised lengths to be produced.

And to top it all, the printed grain/texture even grows out of the profile in a 3D effect. A special process makes this relief-like surface on boards and profiles possible.


  • Fully décor matched.
  • Small batches possible.
  • For plastics: individual lengths possible.
  • Water resistant in plastic and aluminum.
  • 3-D haptic on the entire visible side possible.
  • Short lead times.
  • Digital direct printing on:

     - PS and PVC-skirtings
     - Aluminium flooring profiles
     - Solid wood profiles
     - Foiled MDF-skirtings
     - Veneered skirtings

  • Easiest installation.
  • Recyclable materials.
  • Unbeatable together with new logisticconcepts to a individual delivery.

Digital 3D printing

3D effects on profiles and flooring profiles, not engraved but embossed, relief-like. This is entirely new. We are working on this, too, with very promising results.

Consequently, the profile can finally keep pace with the beautiful structure of the flooring. Printed in the same décor and now also in the same structure. Directly and digitally.


  • Relief-like 3D optics, matches to structured floorings
  • Digitally printed - fast and flexible
  • Resistant surfaces up to AC1