FN roomy

The convertible room element

Separating rooms, tidiness with system, storing things, FN roomy can do it all. And almost without screws. FN roomy consists of screwless system components such as uprights, shelves, upright shoes, connecting elements (such as angles) and room divider elements that can be combined according to individual needs.


The strong element

4-sided planed Nordic spruce with rounded edges for best stability.

The uprights are clamped between the floor and ceiling with the upright shoes. Thus, there is no need to drill into the floor and ceiling and thus damage them. Whether natural or already finished lacquered is then up to personal taste and individual design will.



Length: 2680 mm

Width: 89 mm

Thickness: 38 mm

Wood type: spruce/pine

Colors: Natural - Anthracite - White



The cool deposit

The use of the boards makes the individualization. Narrow or wide, horizontal or vertical, with it you control the purpose of the room element and move it from shelves to simple deposits to room dividers.



Shelf narrow: 89 x 17 x 800/2680 mm

shelf board wide: 300 x 18 x 800 mm

room divider: 800 x 18 x 2400 mm

Wood type: spruce/pine

Colors: Natural - Anthracite - White


This is where the intelligence is.

With the appropriate accessories, the uprights and boards of the room divider are connected to each other and can be made into an individual DIY furniture.

Shoes: This is used to clamp the uprights between the floor and ceiling. The lower without spring, the upper with springs to make the clamping. And with rubber pad for better slip resistance.

Angle: This is used to fix the boards to the uprights. For the large boards as room dividers vertically, for the narrow and wide short boards as shelves and shelving horizontally.

Colors: White - Anthracite - Black

wall shelf(s) 1,2,3, endless


2 upright standers are the basis. With horizontally attached boards in different depths, the system can be expanded as desired and entire living walls can be designed with it. For storage, but also as a room divider. The distances between the boards in the height can be set up individually.

Room devider - Make 2 out of 1


Separating large rooms sensibly is often a challenge. With FN roomy, this can now be done individually. The freely usable partition walls can be extended as required and can also be loosened up repeatedly with horizontal shelves in various widths.