FN wood-pro

Better than just wood

Using wood as a building material has its pros and cons. Its fibrous longitudinal structure basically renders wood highly suitable for supporting loads. It will, however, break if the span is too
long and the stress too high.
By laminating individual layers of veneer, high-grade raw material may be saved by deploying wood with smaller cross-sections in the glued FN wood-pro, whilst gluing achieves even higher rigidity compared to solid spruce with equal cross-section. Processability remains the same, however.



  • Post planed and chamfered from four sides

  • Particularly stable in shape and dimensionally stable because of the glued veneer layers

  • 25% more bending and tensile strength than spruce wood of the same size

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

  • Suitable for the construction of wooden frames


  • The product comprises 2.5 to 3 mm laminated peeled spruce veneers with the wood grain running lengthwise. Phenolic resin is used for gluing the layers of laminate and melamine resin glue for mounting the top layers.
  • The wood moisture content is 12 +/- 2%. The length tolerance for the frames is +20/-0 mm and the cross sectional tolerance is +/- 2.5% of the specific profile cross section. Healthy, solidly attached knots up to 50 mm in diameter are allowed; other knots or knot holes up to 40 mm in diameter or 5 pitch pockets per veneer sheet are also allowed, as are surface cracks and peeling defects up to 10 mm wide.
  • Twisting and longitudinal warping up to max. 10 mm/running meter is permitted, provided proper downstream processing is guaranteed. Pith and rough edges are not allowed, neither blue stain or fungal, insect or mistletoe infestation.
  • Ingrown bark up to 5x30 mm/ running meter for up to 10% of the bundle quantity is permitted on the back.

          25% smaller cross-section
          than spruce wood with the
          same structural strength.