Ideal for matching any current floor:

Over 1600 different surfaces -  suitable to almost every floor.

If laminate, parquet, leather or other floorings - wrapped with the adequate material, our profiles offer a great range of design possibilities. 

A large assortment of numerous materials allows an optimal matching to nearly every surface of floorings. The surface coating is glued to the base material with hot melt adhesive.

Almost all coated profiles can be installed easily and with no visible screws using the FN fixing systems. Special foils are available on request. Deviations may arise in colour and grain. The lengths of the profiles are depending on the base-material.

Examples of different surfaces

Digitally printed foil

Whether it be photos or scans, company logos, PVC, lino, carpets, or imaginative decors produced using computer graphics, etc. - everything is possible and is printed in high resolution.


For the coating, a melamine/urea formaldehyde resin impregnated décor paper made of pure  cellulose is used, which meets Emission Class E1. This has a final coat of water-thinable acid-curing lacquer, applied using infrared curing technology.


Sanded real wood veneer is used, available in more than 100 woods. In addition, we can offer very high-quality surface finishes, with colour dyes being worked into the veneer pores, such as silver and gold, as well as limed versions.


Thinly sanded cork pieces are mounted on paper and laminated and then surrounded with a coating.


The new trend - leather-coated profiles, which we can offer coated in real or artificial leather. This new addition will give every room that extra special touch. Whether it is to match a leather floor or as an eye-catcher item against a parquet or laminate floor, this profile is bound to have an impact.


After being specially pre-treated, real lino is applied directly to the profile. This allows us to obtain a fully matching finish between the profile and the floor, and all the characteristics of the lino are retained on the profile.


What is special about the vinyl skirting is the potential for reproducing textured surfaces on the profile using thin vinyl foil.


Matching skirtings for the plastic floor covering industry by coating them with the original PVC flooring material.

Textured foil

All textured surface designs (including wallpapers) can now be transferred to the profiles. This means a perfect finish is guaranteed.


For heavy-duty applications real laminate with overlay is recommended. This is more resistant than corundum foil.

Highly abrasion resistant decor foil

For highly stressed flooring profiles a new technology arises the possibility to manufacture decor foils with an abrasion resistance up to AC5. Thereby the decor match to the skirting is guaranteed.

Corundum folie

Corundum foil is a special paper foil that is painted with a coating containing corundum. For application to floor profiles to ensure identical colour match with the skirting and an optimum match with the floor.


Surface treatment of aluminium profiles, both as corrosion protection and to create a certain look (e.g., gold, silver, bronze).

Aluminium foil

This thin-rolled aluminium coating foil, which is laminated onto paper, is excellently suited for obtaining stainless steel effects. It is available in the colours gold and silver and has a high-quality brushed look.