FN LED-ceiling profile

All good things come from above

Indirect lighting creates a truly special atmosphere at home. On the floor, e.g. with the FN LED-pro profile or now, on the ceiling, with the new FN crown moulding for LED lighting.

This achieves not only the desired illumination but also in particular an artistically beautiful mood for relaxation.

The FN LED ceiling solution is a white, powder-coated aluminium profile that blends with the room as discretely as possible. It is installed on the wall just below the ceiling. It also includes a hidden channel for screws so that the mounting is no longer visible after installation.

The LED strips are then easily glued on and connected to the power supply. The result: an attractive, distinctive lighting design in your room.


  • White aluminium profile for good heat dissipation of the LEDs.
  • Wide variety of LED strips (e.g. with colour gradient) up to 14 mm (9/16") wide that can be glued on.
  • Hidden installation in a screw channel.
  • Due to the low height, very easy to cut with a mitre.