FN pro-flex

Bendable skirtings

Highly functional

This skirting is made of light, highly flexible plastic foam that forms to any curve and that can also be attached around a 90° inner or outer corner if necessary.

This system no longer needs time-consuming screwing or nailing and the skirtings are simply attached with adhesive.

Then the skirting just needs to be painted in the desired colour for a matching surface.


Product advantages:

  • Simple, fast, invisible installation due to individual mounting rail.
  • Can be installed and removed several times over.
  • Can also be used on floors that have already been laid.
  • Can be adapted to irregular wall surfaces while retaining shape stability.
  • Material and colour matched to the floor - no unsightly contrasts (extensive choice of colours and designs for laminates and parquets).
  • Best possible price/performance ratio.

Extract from the range


Technical Data

  • Water absorption: 0,002 %

  • Temperature range: -20 to +84°C

  • Hardness Shore A: 55

  • Density: 0,27 g/cm³

  • Heat Shrinkage: -0,27 %










Lengths of the profiles

1,20m / 3,94 ft.

2,40m / 7,87 ft.

4,80m / 15,75 ft.


Packaging in a carton box, rolled-up

SK001, SK005: 30 x 30 x 5 cm /
                                      11,81 x 11,81 x 1,97 inches
SK002, SK003, SK004: 30 x 30 x 10 cm /
                                      11,81 x 11,81 x 3,94 inches