FN white&pure

White skirtings in PS foam


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but lightness can be measured and water resistance is something that is becoming increasingly important as vinyl and LVT flooring becomes more popular. FN white&pure skirting boards unite all these properties in one product.

The weight advantage is a result of a foamed polystyrene core that is enclosed by a smooth, robust, white outer shell that provides an attractive appearance.

The water resistance is a product of the material: PS (polystyrene), a plastic that is also free of chlorine. Thus FN white&pure offers many positive characteristics in addition to the white colour, which is a current trend for skirting boards.

Product advantages:

  • Skirting in PS foam with a very smooth and supple surface
  • Waterproof and thus also suitable for wet rooms
  • Simple to glue or nail, some can be attached using the FN Clipholder CH23
  • Plastic corners also available for some skirtings
  • Very light, making it easy to transport and handle



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