KU 04L plastic skirting

The skirting with the well-proven clip

A classic among the plastic skirtings - classic design coupled with classic clipholder - a well proven combination since many years. You no longer need a stecil for the installation with the clipholder CH23 because the 16mm / 5/8" long, L-shaped clip bridges the expansion gap of the floor.

The hollow shape of the skirting makes it easy to hide cables behind the skirting. To avoid the cable dropping into the expansion gap, it is suggested to use a L-profile above the expansion gap. The clipholders are made of high quality plastics. In addition to the clipholders, the "Allin-One-Pack" contains the clipholders and all necessary screws and dowels.


Profile width < 18 mm / 23/32”


30 pcs. packaging, including screws and dowels
SS: 1 left and 1 right end piece per SS pack, 10 packs in a carton