FN silco-flex

Sealing profiles


Anyone who has tried to create an attractive and uniform silicone joint with a silicon pistol, and to achieve this without then getting silicone residue all over fingers and wall, knows the value of leaving this step out.

This is why we developed FN silco-flex. This profile that comes extremely close in appearance to a perfect silicone joint but that has the advantage of being simple to assemble.

It also does not discolour over time in the same way as silicone, making it very low maintenance.

Product advantages:

  • Flexible plastic that serves as a sealing lip
  • Small, but fine and flexible work surface strip
  • Simple to mount (with nails or adhesive) to the back of the work surface, furniture board etc.
  • Can also be used in the bathroom, but ideally to be glued into the joint to be sealed, in combination with silicone
  • No discolouration after a longer period as sometimes happens with silicone, making it very low maintenance
  • Configurable in many colours


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