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As a leading system supplier for floors, walls and ceilings, we constantly endeavour to satisfy our customers and partners. We create products which, with their powerful innovation and functionality, are leading the way into the future.

We know how to combine solid values such as reliability and quality with modern and intelligent solutions. This guarantees dynamic growth and secures the success of our company.

Implementation Vision 2025

Our Vision 2025 is taking shape! We are pleased to be able to give you a first impression of this enormous building project with this video.

Read more about our stated values and how we continue to shape our future under "Company: Vision 2025".

For many years, the slogan "We achieve more" has been our guiding principle that is still written down in our core values today.

Based on this foundation, we work as a team every day to realize our common vision. For you and for us.

Our product range:

FN digi-direct

Why go the long way when there is a short cut. With FN digi-direct, you can now print directly on a variety of base materials such as plastics, aluminium and solid wood - without first having to print on paper or veneer, which in turn then has to be glued to the desired surface.

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FN white lacquered spruce and pine profiles

Finger-jointed spruce or pine is used as base material to keep the skirting board straight. The surface is white lacquered and fits perfectly into any living area.

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FN flush-pro: Plaster-Flush Skirtings

It is very practical when everything is flush with the wall. You can place your furniture right on the wall and you no longer have to clean the baseboards. The plaster-flush baseboard is the answer.

The strip is made of aluminium and is applied before the wall is plastered.

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FN digi-pan: digitally printed boards

A new addition to the FN portfolio are digitally-printed three-layer boards in spruce or MDF boards with different dimensions and surface treatments, e.g. brushed, chopped, or plainly sanded.

It is possible to print directly onto the natural surface of the board, thereby showcasing the character of the board surface. Alternatively, it is also possible to print on a white-primed surface, which achieves an especially impressive colour intensity in the end product.

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90° bends, end bends, end caps and even the wall bracket and drilling template to drill the holes at the end of the handrail are included. All this in beech and oak, raw or lacquered, so that every staircase can be secured in such a way that it complies with the regulations in force and safe access to the stairs is guaranteed. 

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FN Clipholder CH28 - Screw and Nail

The screw goes into the wall, and the profile is attached on the nail. It's as easy as that, and it works with nearly all materials: softwood, hardwood, MDF, plastic.

To install, the clip goes into the wall like a screw. Depending on the type of masonry, the enclosed screw anchor can be used.

On the exterior, there are only two small nails on which the profile is attached or hammered down. The clip's installation height is not tied to any grooves in the profile and can be freely selected within the profile height.

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FN LED-pro

This new profile with built-in LED strips conjures up beautiful light effects. The LED profile is a successful combination of fixing rail and LED shaft. Any Neuhofer profile with a height of up to 90 mm and a clip nut attachment can be added.   

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FN LED-ceiling profile

Indirect lighting creates a truly special atmosphere at home. For e.g.on the ceiling, with the new FN crown moulding for LED lighting.

The FN LED ceiling solution is a white, powder-coated aluminium profile that blends with the room as discretely as possible. It is installed on the wall just below the ceiling. It also includes a hidden channel for screws so that the mounting is no longer visible after installation.

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Skirting for kitchen work surfaces

We are from the wood sector and know that you can't saw wood without creating sawdust in the same way that you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. Or cook in a kitchen without creating steam and spraying grease, using aggressive cleaning materials and spilling things that are not meant to be spilled. So the joint between the wall and the work surface needs to be covered to prevent all this getting behind the work surface. That is what wall connection profiles do.

They are available in different sizes and decorations, ideally replicating the pattern on the surface.

All the skirtings have sealing lips that press firmly against the wall when fitted and prevent grease, humidity or dirt from entering the joint behind them.

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FN cut-pro - Shortenable renovation skirting boards

FN cut-pro can be shortened individually in accordance with taste and application.

This skirting board is most advantageous in renovations. Old strips of carpet that are glued to the wall and that are a nuisance because beautiful new laminate or LVT flooring has now taken the place of the carpet. Or tiled skirting that is no longer liked and needs to be covered.

On these skirting boards a cutter is used to separate the cover foil along a pre-milled groove and the unwanted section simply broken off backwards. If this is difficult then the cutter can help on the groove on the reverse.

This makes it possible to cut 3 different heights from one skirting board, depending on the intended purpose.

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FN clik-fix 17 - Fixing track for cabling

In addition to the individually shortenable renovation skirting FN cut-pro, there is now a special fixing track with corresponding space for cabling.

Like the skirting itself, the rail can be shortened as needed and offers space for at least four 9 mm (11/32") cables.

Using a built-in clip system, the skirting board is easily snapped onto the rail attached to the wall - regardless of the chosen height.

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FN white&pure - White foam skirting boards

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but lightness can be measured and water resistance is something that is becoming increasingly important as vinyl and LVT flooring becomes more popular. FN white&pure skirting boards unite all these properties in one product.

The weight advantage is a result of a foamed polystyrene core that is enclosed by a smooth, robust, white outer shell that provides an attractive appearance.

The water resistance is a product of the material: PS (polystyrene), a plastic that is also free of chlorine. Thus FN white&pure offers many positive characteristics in addition to the white colour, which is a current trend for skirting boards.

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