FN clik-fix 23 with sealing lip

Rail-based fixing system

The right connection

As a result of increased demand for floor products that are ever more easy to clean, FN Neuhofer Holz has developed an innovative, functional solution:

a fixing track for skirtings with attached sealing lip.

Any desired FN profile can be attached here, and the sealing lip ensures, on the one hand, that dampness can't penetrate the expansion joint and, on the other, that the MDF profile is protected on the underside.



Product advantages:

  • 15 mm (19/32") width for narrow profiles, 20 mm (25/32") width for wide profiles.
  • Protects the expansion joint against dampness.
  • Protects the profile against dampness from below.
  • The rail prevents cables laid behind the profile from slipping into the expansion joint.
  • Patent pending.