FN Acustico Waterproof

For wet rooms and outdoor areas:

The design of the panels made of pure plastic components (PET felt, lamella base material and surface) allows them to be used in bathrooms and other areas with a lot of moisture, and the panels can also be installed in outdoor areas. Sufficient ventilation must be ensured.


- Base material: PET fibre board
- Waterproof plastic slats
- Plastic film

Base material:

Consisting of PET fibres with a recycling rate of up to 60% (recycled PET bottles)

Sound insulation:

Reduces noise by up to 25% Weighted noise absorption coefficient: αw = 0.25 Tested in accordance with EN ISO 354 and EN ISO 11654. With a sub-structure of approx. 10 cm, soundproofing is increased to 60%: αw = 0.60


Fn Neuhofer-Waterproof-Dekore