FN digi-pan

digitally printed boards for interior design and furniture


A new addition to the FN portfolio are digitally-printed three-layer boards in spruce or MDF boards with different dimensions and surface treatments, e.g. brushed, chopped, or plainly sanded.

It is possible to print directly onto the natural surface of the board, thereby showcasing the character of the board surface. Alternatively, it is also possible to print on a white-primed surface, which achieves an especially impressive colour intensity in the end product.

In this way these boards acquire the impression of, for example, matured timber for interior design or furniture. The inimitable look is achieved by scanning original matured timber.

This means there are no limits placed on customers' creativity. Any image can be achieved on board. From an image of a beach to a self-painted artwork.

Matching digitally printed veneer edges, which are ironed on, are the finishing touch to the boards, ensuring a perfect overall look.

All three-layer boards are also available in the "flame resistant" fire protection classification. (DIN EN 13 501-1, B-s2, d0)

3-layer panel spruce

Hewn, brushed or smooth

PSprucewood, 3-ply bonded slats, ideal for construction purposes such as wall cladding and furniture.

The natural wood look of the slats is further enhanced by their printing.


Hewn or smooth

MDF slats are particularly suitable for decorative ornaments, as there is no wood structure to affect the visual impact.

The brushing of the panel endows a canvas-like feel to the overall effect.

Veneer edging

The perfect finish

For laminating the slats on the edges of a slat structure, the slat can be decorated with matching, iron-on digitally printed veneer edging.

Fire protection

All 3-ply slats are also optionally available in "highly fire-resistant" fire protection classes.

(DIN EN 13 501-1, B-s2, d0)


Our MDF and 3-ply slats are PEFC certified and therefore verifiably sustainable, certified forestry products.

    All designs are available in the following versions: