Solid wood profiles in larch

durable & beautiful

The larch stands out, compared to other softwoods like spruce, fir tree, pine, through some special features. External we see, that the larch is the only softwood tree, that loses its needles in autumn. But the special properties are hidden in the inside.

On the one hand, it is its especial durableness and resistance against outdoor weathering, in comparison to other european wood species. So the perfect wood for outside applications.

On the other hand it is its special colour, a light red tone, that can also turn into slightly brown, and its slightly resinous smell - that makes it unique suitable for inside applications.

Therefore we launched an assortment of larch-profiles, where everyone should find the fitting profile.


The assortment is made up of square- and flat profiles and L-shaped profiles as
following, in the lengths of 100 and 200 cm / 3,28 and 6,56 ft.