Skirtings for kitchen work surfaces


We are from the wood sector and know that you can't saw wood without creating sawdust in the same way that you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Or cook in a kitchen without creating steam and spraying grease, using aggressive cleaning materials and spilling things that are not meant to be spilled. So the joint between the wall and the work surface needs to be covered to prevent all this getting behind the work surface.

That is what wall connection profiles do. They are available in different sizes and decorations, ideally replicating the pattern on the surface so that the skirting is as invisible as possible.

All the skirtings have sealing lips that press firmly against the wall when fitted and prevent grease, humidity or dirt from entering the joint behind them. The surfaces are designed in such a way that they are easy to clean and long-lasting.

Length of the profiles: 3000 mm / 9.84 ft. and 590 mm / 1.94 ft.

Length of KU034: 2400 mm / 7.87 ft.

Special lengths on request

Product advantages:

  • The skirting can be matched to the work surface
  • Sealing lips on the profiles or the subprofiles protect against moisture penetration
  • Simple clip profiles with covered fastening
  • FN silco-flex is a simple seal profile that serves as a replacement for a silicone joint
  • The range also includes end sealing strips for plinth panels

Extract from the range